Applied Sales Methods is in the business of helping companies increase revenue and profitablity, through the use of clearly focused sales processes.

The Methodology we use is  Solution Selling®, which is designed to help shorten the sales cycles for complex and difficult to sell products and services.

There are those who believe selling is an art and that there's simply no place for science. These people would claim that sellers are born not made and that sales results are inevitably difficult to predict.

We disagree. It has been found that the combination of a methodical approach with creative skills can lead to better results with lower stress in a shorter time frame.

In close partnership with Sales Performance International (founded in 1994), who have worked with more than 100 clients around the world. We provide sales people with the selling skills and processes to support both the external and internal selling cycles; two very different scenarios.

At Applied Sales Methods we emphasise the adoption of a selling process, one step in the project being a sales training exercise. Training may take a few days; the implementation of a selling process can take a year or more.

Success, therefore, comes not on completion of the training programme but when, a year later, there is evidence of greatly improved sales performance; the tools and techniques are in daily use; and the prototype process has been adapted to fit and is now owned by the company.

We know that implementing significant change is never easy, and so ongoing support of our clients is paramount to our way of life.


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